Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Sphinx side view and pyramid Jack Barrett photo #22 p 3
cc l923 Mount Holyoke Class song music by Ruth King Dunne, lyric by archaeologist Marion Nosser of Brooklyn, born Turkey- "Wind hushed, the desert lies dreaming Under the far eastern sky Only the Sphinx keeps its secret Waiting for daylight to die Now 'neath the warm blue of Heaven Rousing itself with a sigh Softly it speaks,and its whisper Floats to the dome of the sky.- Hark! don't you hear the far echo Borne on the night wind to us - Now has the Sphinx told its Secret 'NON SIBI, SED OMNIBUS." Faithful we'll guard it forever, Marching beneath it unfurled - Until the age-long Secret Lies in the Heart of the world." Every four years a graduating class passed its symbol, and color on to the new freshmen who would enter the following September. Classes of l9l9, l923, and l927 had the color yellow and the Sphinx symbol for graduation and other festive marching occasions. Their sister classes l921 and l925 had the color green. There were songs for odd and even sister classes. The even classes l922 and 1924 had the colors blue and red and a very pretty song to the melody "The Old Red Shawl" - "Sisters dear we are glad that you are here - We like to see the Crimson with the Blue We are loyal every one, and When all is said and done, Little sisters, we are very proud of you." Among Sophie's friends, Cora Hughes l922 helped arrange for Sophie to earn money for Junior prom by working on the college telephone switchboard. Sophie remained in correspondence with Cora until the l980's - they were in Brigham Hall with Miss Wheeler -l921-l922. In l922 Harriet Cogswell was Queen of the May. She was active in Young Women's Christian Association and became a missionary teacher at Gin-Ling College,Nanking, where Harvard botanist S. Y. Hu was her student and later attended her wedding.He sister worked at Macy's stores l929 when Sophie Meranski did also and her sister gave Harriet's letters and numerous boxes of China photos to Mount Holyoke Williston College library.Javk Barrett met Harriet Cogswell and her fiance diplomat Paul Meyer at Nanking February-March l930 when the destrytoer TRUXTUN traveled up the Yangtze. TRUXTUN officers attended a reception at the American consulate, and Harriet Cogswell and Paul Meyer visited aboard the destroyer.
Subject: Sphinx and Pryamid(8){7}
Year: 1932