Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Pagsanjan canyon, southeastern Luzon, Philippines p 3 #24
One of the most enjoyable events on Sophie and Jack Barrett's ;l932 world tour was a day trip from Manila to southeast Luzon, where they were guests in a guided canoe tour. One photo of Sophie in a canoe survives l993 thefts. The trip is recommended for all first -and- second honeymooners. Astron--Constellations Lloyd Motz Carol Nathanson 523.8903- Bet M0Ia. diam 920 sun.-550 puls 2070 days semireg he4+he4 = Be8. +he4 - - C12 + gam RIgel LEF LEG TRIPLE 150 S LUM bELLATRIX 5H 22' +6,18' MAG 1.64 saiph K ORIONIS sword color -.16 700 parsecs BO Ia. abs. mag -6.8 50,000 s lum. p.98 -eta handle ofsword Saif al jabbar close optical double eclipsing like b Lyrae. MINTAKA "the Belt" Delta Or 20,000 s. lum. 450 parsec 1500 ly. abs mag -6.0 col +.21 5.7 day eclipsing binary.Interstellar matter Mintaka's spectrum K lines on calcium in stars O5 to B3 Doppler. Alnilam epsilon string of pearls 45,000K B0 Ia color -.18 -abs mag -6.8 single star radial veloc 26.1 km/sec 500 parsecs 1630 ly 51 parsecs from Mintaka or 163ly - Alnitak zeta girdle mag -6.2 O9.5 Ib col -21 s lum 35,000 - 1600 ly-500 parsec moving away from "Belt stars -TRAPEZIUM Theta-1 theta open cluster popul I stars p 282 Cygnus V444 Cygni 20 h 17.7' +38,34' nne of P Cygni Wolf-Rayet 17 million milews from O four day period.--few hundred WR abs mag -4 to -8 60000 - 100,000 surf temp K radii about twice sun V444 4900 ly-- Wr 18 solar masses 1450 lum 2.3 s radius. He++ C N O Si ions gas shell expanding inner 3 x rad s thin outer 8 times radius
Subject: Pagsanjan canyon, Luzon, Philippines{7}
Year: 1932