Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Sophie Ruth Meranski on New York streetcorner about 1929 #949 p 39 or p 40 {S}
Detail from another photo on previous page, snapped by passing professional photographer.Sophie lived at 27 Commerce Street, Greenwich Village l927-l930 subletting from social worker Ann Taylor Mrs. Ivan McCormack, at whose apartment Sophie met her husband Jack Barrett USN August 1928. Sophie worked l927-9 in Publications Department of Commonwealth Fund, preparing for publication data she collected l926-7 on "Statistical Reporting Tech iques for Child Guidance Clinics" at Philadephia Dmonstration Clinic.part of the time the office was on 42nd St.From may 1929 to August 1930 Sophie was Director of Personnel Research at Macy's Stores on 34th Street where she was treated very kindly by the Straus brothers, who ran the store,but she married and went to live in Tientsin China as a Navy wife.
Subject: Sophie Barrett in New York 1929
Year: 1929