Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Arthur,Pearl & Sade Meranski with Sade's sisters Eva and Marion Taylor and Minnie Deutch & al and Paul Deutch l935 p 40 #951
Enlargement of September 1935 photo mailed Christmas l939 by Mrs. Harry Meranski of Hartford to her late husband's sister Sophie Barrett and family at 96l5 Shore Road, Apartment 2A, Brooklyn, where they moved that September and often saw Sade's youngest sister Marion Taylor, then a nurse at Greenpoint Hospital, Brooklyn.Harry Meranski l920s was in business with Al Deutch in furniture, especially bedding. Harry's son Arthr born December 1919 attended Wocester Polytechnic Institute Massachusetts for a year and Norwich Military Academy VErmonth, then was U.S. Army officer twenty-eight years mainly in tanks, including Normandy under Gen Patton June 1944 and Inchon Korea amphibious landing September 1950 under Gen . Douglas MacArthur.Arthur's wife Betty a native of Texas met him in Hartford l940s and was familiarly known as "The Ball and Chain" (from Victor Herbert song) or "the War Department." She met family friend Sophie Tucker one time in Nevada and lived in Oklahoma and Fort Lewis near Tacoma-Olympia Washington in early years.Most of the four children were born in Germany in l950s. Eldest Steve is a carpenter in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Art's last assignments were in Aberdeen
Subject: Arthur, Pearl, Sade Meranski, Taylors, Deutches,
Year: 1935SadeArtPearl