Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Dollar Liner in Panama Canal l930 {5}{7}
#952 p 40 Panama canal was opened 1914. Jack Barrett first passed through Decembr 1919 or January,1920 westward as officer on commercial ship WESTERNER commanded by his friend Mal Richardson of Virginia.They had served together on MONTGOMERY during World War I as Navy Reserve officers. The WESTERNER was a former Navy ship converted to commercial use and carried hemp and lumber from Philippines-Shanghai through Suez to Liverpool. Jack took photos in Japan during the cruise in Inland Sea and sent them to U.S. Navy department.Until 1993 we had his navigation notes passing through Eight degree north channel through island chain south of India. There was also a postcard from Shanghai to his father. He saw Pavlova dance her favorite role "The Swan" in London May 1920 and kept the program.One of his shipmates was a Norwegian named Torkelson. Jack transited the Panama Canal three times on light cruiser MARBLEHEAD - west to San Francisco and Hawaii March 1925 and that autumn returing from Melbourne-Tasmania-surveying in Galapagos Islands - then January -February 1927 en route from Bluefields Nicaragua to Hawaii and Shanghai. Sophie passed through Panama first August-September l930 on Navy transport HENDERSON en route to Corinto, Nicaragua, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco-Mare Island - Yoemite- Hawaii Guam-Philippines Hong Kong Shanhai Chingwangtao-Teintsin.Then Jack and Sophie transited Panama at least four times 1934-5 when Jack was Executive officer of survey ship HANNIBAL on Pacific Coast.Sophie traveled from Portsmouth Virginia on passenger liner CRISTOBAL and lived in Balboa on Pacific end of American Canal Zone.Her landlord Mr. Mckim did research on San Blas native Americans of southeast Panama.The HANNIBAL survived a hurricane returning from Panama September 1935. Jack passed through the canal once more September 1938 on tanker TRINITY bound for San Diego, Philippines, and Tand Jong Oeban, former Dutch East Indies- with stops in Japan and Dutch Harbor Alaska.Lieutenant Mervin Halstead of HANNIBAL was son of Army officer who was Army commander of Panama district 1935.
Subject: Dollar Line in Panama Canal
Year: 1930