Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


photo published 1917- Jack Barrett letter to Bureau of Navigation March 1922 continued "I have in the past furled top gallant sails,passed coal for full four hour watches, walked over forty miles without a stop and without food (Baltimore-Washington l913), remained on bridge (TOUCEY aground Georgia l921) over forty-eight hours at a time in winter - stood a regular watch in three 4-8 AM & 4 to 8 PM in voyage around the world in merchant service, -landed in surf on coast of Maine at Halfway Rock, Wood Island,Boone Island, Isle of Shoals, and other points in November and December (1912,tender ZIZANIA, lighthouse Service) -passed through Indian Ocean,Gulf of Aden, and Red Sea in latter part of May, all without ill effects.I feel I am capable of any ordinary duty.My voice has not previously been considered weak, although I have been trained to minimize loud tones, to eliminate noise and shouting.I have served on ships where the use of more than a very subdued tone was positively forbidden on the bridge. As to handling men I began receiving instruction in drill under arms about twenty years ago (1902 Boston Latin)- I have handled companies in close and open order infantry drill many times -have also handled men under various conditions for small arms practice, with horse drawn artillery , with breeches buoys in surf boats and on ships.I considedr myself physically and mentally equipped to handle men anywhere."Captain Price later stated his initial comments were not intended to be derogatory, and Jack Barrett had extensive experience at turrret officer on the superdreadnaught battleshnip WYOMING in 1922 & 1923.
Subject: WYOMING 12 inch guns
Year: 1922