Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


1932 Austria ?Salzburg - checking a map Nov. 8 2000, it appears that Salzburg is close to the main rail route from Vienna to Munich and that Jack and Sophie Barrett did pass through this beautiful alpine center in February 1932, and that Jack obtained thi
#981 p 44 TEXT! It is not definitely known if Jack and Sophie visited Salzburg during their eighteen day stopover in Europe February 1932 when they traveled Naples-Rome-Florence,Venice, Vienna (side trips to Salzburg and Austrian Alps) but Jack collected this postcard at that time, and they proceeded to Muncih with side trip to Oberammagau, then Paris with vsit to Louvre, Marseilles, Monaco (where they visited Maritime Museum and Jack collected a Museum Guide) while Sophie managed to hold onto her purse when a thief tried to snatch it - the thief ran way down a steep stair case - .. then they traveled by bus to Italian border on Riviera - their passports were stamped crossing the border for a second brief look at Italy - the bus driver honked to indicate he was leaving, and they hurried back to bus, without ever having their passports restampted. The return trip across the Atlantic March 1932 was unusually slow because of windy weather- the PRESIDENT VAN BUREN was supposed to proceed to Boston after unloading pasasengers in New York, but it was late and Jack needed to report to Charlestown Navy Yard March 31, l932, so after seeing Jack's brother Bill and Sophie's brothers Ben and Abe, and calling on Ann and Ivan McCormack at their new home at Patchen Place, the Barretts proceeded by train - Sophie visiting several days with her family in Hartford, and Jack proceeding directly to Boston for duty.
Subject: Austria {7}
Year: 1932