Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Jack and Sophie Barrett aboard PRESIDENT PIERCE January 1932. #983 {7}
Ship officer at left may be Dale Collins, captain of the Dollar Liner PRESIDENT PIERCE, who visited the Barretts in Waikiki in l940s at 2415 Ala Wai Boulevard.When Jack completed service on gunboat TULSA based at Tientsin, around New Year's Day 1932, he and Sophie boarded a Japanese passenger ship from Tankgu, North China to Kobe, after a terrifying encounter in which two Japanese sentries crossed their bayonets in front of Sophie, as a Japanese troopship was at the next pier.From Kobe the Barretts traveled Shanghai,Hong Kong, Manila - side trip to beautiful Pagsanjan Canyon in southeast LUZON,Singapore, Johore, where they visited Sulktan's Gardens, Kandy, Ceylon; (Sophie says they say Ghandhi-hatted Gandhi demonstrators in an unscheduled stop at Bombay) to Suez - side trip to Sphinx, Pyramiods, Shepperds Hoptel Cairo through Straits of Messina Scylla-Chyarybdis to Naples Feb. l932 very cold weather,.They took eighteen day tour Nasples, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna Munich OPberammagau (Salzburg?), Paris (Louvre) Marseilles Nice Monaco Riviera, then returned to New York on VAN BUREN late March 1932
Subject: Sophie,Jack on PRESIDENT PIERCE
Year: 1932