Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Sophie Meranski Barrett in Panama 1934 or l935 {S}}P{
#985 Sophie made two round trips to Panama 1934 and l935 on passenger ship CRISTOBAL and lived at several Balboa addresses- one with the navy family Clarence and Mary Boyd 1934 and part of l935 with the McKim family. Mr. McKim did research on the San Blas Indians a little-known group at that time on the south part of the Atlantic Coast of Panama. His daughter Josephine McKim was moderately well-known as a swimmer and did movie screnes for stars and advertising endorsements. Sophie also sublet from a telepone operator. Visitors included Helen millen on vacation from Commonwealth Fund, New York [WHERE SHE HAD WORKED WITH SOPHIE) AND ROSE AND Hugo Trio - John Vaccaro's sister and brother-in-law South Boston and Boston Latin friends of Jack Barrett and John Vaccaro was a Lincoln School 1908 and Boston Latin 1912 classmate of Jack's brother Bill Barrett. Jack Barrett in later years would imitate the McKims' parrot which would call "Isabel!" loudly.
Subject: Sophie Meranski Barrettt
Year: 1935