Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


letter from Loretto Buckley, Moskeigh, Templemartin Bandon co.Cork Ireland p 49 #1026
John Barrett junior made eight visits top Ireland l971-1978 and stayed at sixty acre dairy farm of Loretto Buckley born 1907.The property was occupied by Jack Barrett's great-grandparents John Buckley and Catherine Murphy when censuses were conducted for tax purposes in 1827 and l832. Loretto's brother Ricahrd heard this couple had a family of "seven men and four women." There has be no success in learing of marriages of any of the four women, but Daniel,John and Thomas Buckley came to Massachusetts - Dan to South Boston before 1852- Thomas a l855 and John later to Milford, while their brothers Michael and Jerry had large families in Cork. Michael Buckley Loretto's grandfather appears in 1834 in Templemartin parish records- he lived until l918 and corresponded with Jack Barrett's aunt Minnie Buckley who raised him after the death of his mother 1889. Michael Buckley also had a photo of his second cousin General Michael Lenihan, originally from Hopkinton,Massachusetts, who commanded an Irish batallion from New York in France l9l8. O Mahonys the Lake Castle Lack and Buckleys of Ilford Essex and Buffalso-Blasdell New York were also descendants of Loretto's grandfather Michael of Moskeigh. Another brother Jerry Buckely had eight children, - several went to Middle West USA and lost touch, but a daughter became Mrs. Sheehy and had sons Maurice and Jack of Moskeigh and their brother Jerry whose family are in Wethersfield,Connecticut and California. The aNCESTOR CATHERINE MURPHY WAS BELIEVED A MEMBER of a clan known as "Quarry" Murphys, including James Hallahan of Moskeigh and Kate O Halloran who married her distant cousin Maurice Sheehy of Moskeigh and had six in family.
Subject: Loretto Buckley letter{I}{B}}
Year: 1972