Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Signature of Jack Barrett's mother's mother Mrs. Mary Ann (O Farrell) Buckley on 1896 will.p 49 {B}
From Middlesex Probate East Cambridge: Mary Ann O Farrell Buckley Jack's mother's mother was born 1831 in area six miles north of Bandon probably in Kilbarry,about eighteen miles west of Cork city. She married neighbor Daniel A. Buckley of Moskeigh and came to Boston before birth of their first child John J. Buckley, who became patternmaker at Charlestown navy Yard. The Buckleys appear at Boston Wharf in 1855 state census and moved frequently in St. Augustine Parish South Boston until 1878 they bought a house at 469 East Eight Street, where they remained until they moved to Melrose l884. When Jack's mother diedJune 1889, his father moved to board with the Buckleys at Park and Baxter Streets Melrose, where grandmother encouraged Jack to play her piano. She intended to give him her piano in her 1896 will, but her son's lawyer drafted the will and named John Berchmans Buckley as the recipient. e did not correct the mistake, and the piano went to Jack's cousin john Buckley junior though his middle name was not Berchmans.Jack Barrett found and studied theser records with great interest in l960s whenhe did much title search and probate work.
Subject: Mary Ann Buckley signature
Year: 1896