Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


p 50-1031 John Porter l887-l978 director of Camp Kabeyun l924 to late l960s.{K}
A graduate of Amherst college John Porter taught matethematics at Browne and Nichols School Cambridge Mass and found Camp Kabeyun in l924. An enthusiastic fisherman, he used to say "A dead fish can float downsteam.It takes a live fish to swim upstream." He was immune to poison ivy and loved to pick up papers and other litter and support many forms of conservation. He particularly taughter youngster not to peel birch bark from the beautiful paperbark birches at camp on Lake Winnipesaukee's southeast shore near Derby Point and Route 28A just south of the Wolfeboro line - and on trips around New England.His home for many years was 97 Everit St. New Haven Connecticut. He supported Dwight Eisenhjower l952 and once shook hands with Fidel Castro, whose early Economics minister Lopez-Fresquet had two sons at camp.
Subject: John Porter founder of Kabeyun
Year: 1958