Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Kabeyun l951 MIKADO 50-1034
Otto Huber from Long Island camp Kabeyun bugler and swimming counselor with deep bass voice was uproariously funny and very good muiscially as Katisha, the Mikado Emperor's daughter-in law Elect in 1951 Kabeyun production of Gilbert and Sullivan favorite "The Mikado." Trips counselor Frank Wood was impressive in title role azss "The Mikado "My objecty all subline To let the punishmnent fit the crime." Ken Coe from Tennessee directed and p[layed Nanki-Poo the Crown Prince "A wandering minstrel I" The heroine Yum-Yum was sung by a staff member of the neighboring girls' camp Kehonka. Tim Brown, Bruce Nichols, and Richard Cates sang a popular trio as Ko-Ko, Poo-Bah and Pish-Tush. Bruce Hollander of the Lions cabin aged about six years in 1951 carried Ko-Ko's huge samurai sword.
Subject: Mikado at Kabeyun{K}
Year: 1951