Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


"Rainbow Falls"Waterfall near Hilo, on "Big Island" Hawaii p 50-1036 Jack Barrett photo 1925
Amusingly, when this photo was first placed on website December 10, 1998, it was upside down, but was promptly corrected.This reminded me that there really is an intermittent waterful near Nuuanu Pali pass over Oahu's Koolau Mountains that is known as "Upsidedown Falls." On windy, rainy days substantial amounts of water spray are sometimes blown back up the cliff between Honolulu and the windward northeast coast. However this photo is near Hilo. Photo was developed from an old negative l925, and I like the artificial color affect, which probably occured accidentally.Color is artificial, probably by accident but creates interesting effect, so I am going to suggest Creative Communications leave the color as is. I shall look up the name of this photo, which I usedto know when we lived in Hawaii. Photo I believe was taken by Jack Barrett June 1925 on visit with MARBLEHEAD. Friends from the ship included Phil Dahlquist, Exceutive Officer Alex Sharp, George Phillips who married an Australian he met during the cruise, Harold Fultz, Jack Fradd, "Boney" Close,
Subject: Rainbow Falls Hawaii}M{H}
Year: 1925