Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Greeting for MARBLEHEAD and U.S.Navy 1925 p 51-1040
Australia or New Zealand --temporary entry from p 66--This is p 66 w1176-end portion of "TACTICS" follows contents of wp 65 and p 66-p 65 Sophie Barrett M.A. 1925 "The Young Offender and the Criminal Law in Massachusetts"p 66 Bread on the Waters ch. 9 "The CAPTAIN WEARS A CROSS" Account of Jack Barrett and Overseas Transportation Office Pearl Harbor 1941-2 by Fleet Chaplain William A. Maguire Captain USN. p 66 Beginning TACTICS thesis 1924 Naval War College Newport Rhode Island by Lt. Jack Barrett- most of text on p 67 - end portion btween pages 68-72. p 75 Website Guide and Chapter Index "REDHEADED STEPCHILD" by Sophie Ruth Meranski Barrett p, 75 Chapter One Hartford, Mount Holyoke, Meranski family 1901-1923 Chapter Two Social Work and 'Greenwich Village Romance' 1923-1930 Chapter Four Meranski-Hartford letters follows Ch. Five Musical Interests is at website p 62. Revenue Cutter School 1909-11 main text is on web page 78, followed by Gershom Bradford and China chapter materials in preparation.Texts and photos of most other chapters can be found on website -Hawaii 1941-7 MARBLEHEAD 1924-7 Jack Barrett early years-Boston Latin- William J. Barrett- HANNIBAL Panama 1933-5 CLAXTON 1936 first order, p.89jbbtactics1924 web p 71 #2
Subject: Greeting U.S. Fleet}M{
Year: 1925