Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


football 1949 p 52-1057 coach Foley,Rollins,-,-, Newcombe,-Bartlett 2-- Bradt,Cox,Curley,Alpert,cap J Cochran,Spofford,Haggett,Davis, Rooney 3-- Coffey,connors Albert
ALANINE A ala 89.1 may act as B6 pyridoxine precursor. ARGININE R Arg 174.2 ASPARAGINE N Agn may fight ammonia build-up needed in fast dividing cells such as intestine lining.precursor of nitric oxide - anticoagulant -blocks somatostatin of pituitary favoring production of human growth hormone stimulates thymus, convertible to ornithine 132.1 ASPARTIC ACID D Asp 133.2 CYSTEINE C Cys 121.2 GLUTAMATE E Glu 147.1 GLUAMINE Q Gln 146.2 GLYCINE G Gly 75.1 LYSINE K Lys 146.2 potatoes good source. believed to relieve herpes, aid calcium absorption but may elevate cholesterol.REQ HISTIDINE H His 155.2 Under ordinary circumstances adults may be able to synthesize as much histidine as they need. Greater quantities are probably needed in infants and small children and during pregnancy. There are suggestions that histidine levels may be low in rheumatoid arthritis, and that histidine may be needed to remove toxic heavy metals from the body. On the other hand, histidine can be a source for synthesis of histamines, and high levels of histamine contribute to allergies. Histidine contributes for formation of glycosylated amines and proteins. ISOLEUCINE I Ile 131.2 REQ hydrophobic LEUCINE L Leu 131.2 REQ hydrophobic METHIONINE M Met 149.2 sulfur, initiates DNA transcription REQ PHENYLALANINE F Phe phenyl ring REQ 165.2 cancer risk PROLINE P Pro 115.1 bone, collagen HYDROXYPROLINE SERINE S Ser 105.1 THREONINE T Thr 119.1 alcohol group REQ VALINE V Val 117.1 REQ hydrophobic TRYPTOPHAN W Trp 204.2 serotonin REQ TYROSINE Y Tyr 181.2 kinase phosphorylation in normal and cancer growth notebk 5 p 34 Telephone call from Robert J. Hoarde Oct. 7, 1970 Baby in the family was in Army Air force World War II. lives at 101 School St. waltham Works at Charles River Country club. Lives at elks Club waltham 893-9517 893-7742. Kept a home at 161 Ash St. Waltham for father and mother. Gave up home after father's death ayear ago, over ninety. His mother elizabeth will be ninety tomorrow born Oct. 8, 1880 She lives with his married sister Julia in Brighton Mrs. Charles Maloney. 9 Bostonia Ave 782-7857 five children His mother's sisters are twins eight 1/2years younger than mother 1889 Sarah deceased Bussier Libby St. goffstown NH. His siter Mary Brooks living in Burlington MA 11 Holden Avenue. Elizabeth Mehegan Pieper Hoarde lives with her daughter Mrs. Charles Maloney 5 ch many gand. eliz has three liv child.
Subject: (R)
Year: 1949