Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Loretto letter notebooi 5-122 States. She married into the home Jeremiah Sheehy - their son Maurice Sheehy is married into a farm near me in Moskeigh brother Jeremiah is over USA in East Hartford CT John Joseph is with me. The daughter Maryt ellen and a son Daneil were cecdeased about twenty years of age. -=My aunt Ellen the nun sister Mary peter [Buckley) Presentation Convent Aberdeen South Dakota. She was home in the year 1932 as did say she got letters from Minnie Fracnes Buckley. This sister Peter was a nurse in that order- and if the cutting we got from paper were right -she dida lot for thwt convent- as she was the founder of St. Luke's hospital on the convent. There was another consin of ours [there] at the same time. She ws sister Margaret Grainger, and I tink she was writing a book in 1932.She ws home also that year.There is a nun still living that was a great friend of my aunt ellen - {Ellie she was called in Ireland) Sister Mary Clair is the nun that loved my aunt and she writes efery year here to me. You won't have any trouble with the record there.= Jerome Buckley family settled perhaps in Ohio. I may learn more from their nephew Maurice Sheehy soon.=This picture of your father and mother are nice to have, and he was a right Buckley also. And Mrs. O sullivan could be another cousin as the Moskeigh Buckleys had near cousins in Raheen. It's not so far from me, Perhaps
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