Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Fourth Class 1952 taken 1949 BACK-Toland, Keating, Heath, Craven,Higgins,Abramowicz, Story -2- McGowan,Rubin,Stetson,Horgan, Sheldon, Sewall, Cooney,Hey -3- Ross Holloway, Robert Sullivan, Flanagan, Reis, Paul Beatty, Jim Gustavson,Ted Williams, FitzPat
53-1064 At lower left Ross Holloway was editor of TRIPOD and played demanding long role of Captain Vere in 1952 performance of Herman Melville's "Billy Budd." His family were related to Betsy Ross and three ancestors fought in War of 1812 in Maryland.He was Predient of Chess club and active in Debating. Edward P. Williams and Jack Hey were at Camp Kabeyun many years. Jack's parents lived on Richwood Street West Roxbury and were close friends of Jack and Sophie Barrett in later years.Jack's sister Sally Hey became interested in Mount Holyoke college through Sophie and graduated there 1960. "Ted" Williams's father Frederick B. Williams was a Roslindale merchant active in Boston Latin alumni and helped Barrett family get in touch with Boston Latin alumni secretary Thomas Craven to locate Jack Barrett's l906 classmates l970- Gardner Murphy junior, Sam Finkel, Dr. Irving W. Jacobs, Emilio Goggio, George Carl Adams. The Barrett family had many other close friends in this group. Jim Gustafson's mother's sister Ellen Feeney was President of West Roxbury historcical Society 1971-1974 and played key role in preservation of Brook Farm site.
Subject: Class IV 1952 (R)
Year: 1949