Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Class of 1953 as eighth grade 1949 p 53-1065
p 53-1065 Haddow Hare GMartin RobertAsh Ronan Banks GilHoag-2- Markell Bonarrigo Havelock Kavanaugh Meeker Cummings Cronin Barrett McLaughlin -3 Banton Kipp Galvin Sweeny Macdonald FredMartin Sullivan McNeese James Kipp is in photo, front row, second from left.+ Black notebook One Sophie Barrett text: draft of letter to niece Thalia and Bob Klein: Friday 27 June, 1986 Dear Teddy and Bob, On Friday June 20 Babe [was]busy packing for two weeks of fishing at Belgrade lakes in Maine she and Geetter enjoy so much with Harold, Ava, and their girls Jennifer nine and Lauren seven there for one week. The girls are good students, even at summer school, play piano, clarinet and cello. - Babe wrote me an informative letter of thanks for my June 10 letter for her 57th wedding anniversary June 16.[round robin] She mailed my long account of Meranski, Pollack, Geetter weddings mostly in June to Buzzy Price for aunt Jen in Baltimore and for my nephew in Aberdeen, Maryland, Colonel Arthur Meranski and wife Betty. Arthur is sixty-six, lives at 836 Randolph Drive, Aberdeen, Maryland, 21001. Jen is at 20 Warren Park Drive, Baltimore, Maryland - her son Dan's wife works in governor's office, and child, baby Diane, is a gem. Dan is a psychologist working with problem boys. In writing Babe for her fifty-seventh Jen enclosed a newspaper account of "remarkable Ph.d candidate at NYU Deborah Meranski Sonnenstrahl, zealous worker, public speaker and writer for benefit of deaf." The article has a good picture of Debbie, whom we admire. Ask Jen for a copy. = I wrote Babe that about 1919 our oldest, loved brother Harry married privately his longtime sweetheart Sadie Taylor. We were not present because her mother had health problems, but I loved her Dad. My brother Ben and sister Esther never married. Abe married lovely Ethyle Berenson privately as her working widowed mother could not afford a formal marriage reception. Harry had two children, Colonel Arthur, and Pearl, who never married.On a June Sunday in 1924 in our Wooster Street home Bee [Bertha] Meranski married Sam Pollack 1920 Harvard junior Phi Beta Kappa. She was lovely, beautiful - he very happy. On Sunday June 9, 1929 I enjoyed Jen and Pete's well-attended formal wedding [in Baltimore]. I saw them soon again on their honeymooon June 16, 1929 when Jack and I attended Babe's wedding [traveling] from New York. At Babe's outdoor wedding [at 'The Shack' near the Farmington River] Lieutenant Jack Barrett met honeymooning Jen and Pete and invited them to dinner in New York the following Thursday night June 20, when they had theater tickets. He took them to Longchamps Restaurant. Jack and I afterward walked to my apartment [27 Commerce Street]. When I invited him in, he said, "I still have a lot of packing to do as I leave by train at three [pm] tomorrow for the west coast and sail for three years sea duty." I expected sadly never to see him again. But he said, "I'll take you to lunch tomorrow". At noon he entered my office - Friday June 21, 1929. He asked, "Will you marry me?" Stunned, I was silent. We went to a hotel for lunch, then by subway to City Hall. He had a license. We hurried to the railroad station just in time for his train.One year and five months later we met in North China. In 1957 we went to Baltimore for June wedding of Jen and Pete's gril Debbie [to Alfred Sonnenstrahl]. In Brooklyn New York twenty-eight years ago we saw David Geetter marry Joan Trouboff. They have two girls {Darya and Erica] in graudate study.Twenty-five years ago June 10, 1961 in Hartford I saw Buzzy [Thalia] Geetter marry Michael Price- three children Eric 22, Jessica 18, Hilary 15. I did not attend weddings of Albert, Harold or Suzy Geetter but know their mates and children [from Thanksgiving 1984]. Albert's son Josh is climing Andes i Peru. We hope you both and Ken's family [Klein], Keith [Klein], Anne, Jason, Jon, Richard and wife are well [Pollacks]. Buzzy's family go to Cape Cod very soon. Love - aunt Sophie (and John). P.S. Darya Geetter David's older girl - a second year New York University Law student- is happy this summer in Philadelphia working for a distinguished appellate judge. David's younger girl Erika Yale 1985 summa cum laude Phi Beta Kappa is in Heidelberg...." Draft of 1986 letter to Teddy and Bob Klein by Sophie Barrett
Subject: class of 1953 (R)
Year: 1949