Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


p 54=1073 John Robert Barrett addressed envelope toJack at Navy Yard New York
Bron 1854 John Robert Barrett had less than a year of formal schooling but kept careful account books many years and wrote many letters in distinctive handwriting, though he never capitalized the personal pronoun "i". Both his sons Jack and Bill traveled widely -Jack in Revenue Cutter service and Navy and Bill in Army World War I, with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 39 years 1923-1962. One time John Robert Barrett had a dream about visiting Yellowstone National Park, though he never traveled that far west. It may have been around 1927 when Jack Barrett traveled east from Seattle, Washington after being detached from light cruiser MARBLEHEAD at Shanghai China June 4,1924. Jack traveled by ship from Tokyo to Seattle on the same passenger liner with Gen Leonard Wood, who had just retired as Governor General of Philippines but died two months later.Grandfather Barrett often visited Bill in New York 1930s and Jack and Sophie and young John at Norfold l936 and Bala Cynwyd near Phiadelphia Nopvember-l936 through August 1938. Third Naval District was at South and Whitehall Strets New York, where Jack was in War Plans and Reserve Training June 1927-June 1927. During this time he attended the Bronx campus of Fordham Law School nights and met and married Sophie Ruth Meranski.
Subject: John Robert Barrett letter
Year: 1927