Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


#1163 p 64 David Geetter as baby New Britain CT 1933
David was first child of Dr. Iasdore Geetter and Sophie Meranski Barrett youngest sister Rebekah born November 1, l906. His parents became acquainted in 1922, when Rebekah was fifteen years old, and she took a secretarial course and helped Isadore while he was at Trinity College 1921-1925 and Jefferson Medical Scool Philadelphia 1925-1929. Sophie frequently saw her future brother-in-law while she was in social work for Cmmonwealth Fund in Philadelphia 1926-7. Sophie and Jack attended the wedding of Isadore and Rebekah June 16, l929 at thye Meranski summer property "The Shack" near Farmington River, Windson CT. Dr. Geetter specialized in anethsiology and became an administrator at New Britain General Hospital, and the five Geetter children David, Albert, Thalia, Harold and Szanne were born in New Britain. The three sons followed their father at Trinity College in Hartford, where their uncle Israel Peter Meranski was also a 1925 graduate. The Barretts attended Albert Geetter's l948 bar mitzvah, David Geetters 1955 graduation from Trinity College and his 1958 marriage to Joasn Trouboff in Brooklyn, and Thalia Geetter's June 10, 1961 wedding to Michael Price in Hartford. David and ALbert Geetter also followed their father in medicine after attending Jefferson Medical School. David served in U.S. Air Force and became neurosurgeon and had two daughters Darya and Erica. He successfully removed a large bening brain tumor from his aunt Esther Meranski about 1974 reliving a Parkinson-like tremor.
Subject: young David Geetter{F}
Year: 1933