Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


#1164 p 64 CHINAchapter-TULSA-Rice family-Paca-Mukden incident 1998 draft
During 1998 a great deal of work was done at Forks Public Library editing Sophie Barrett memoir RED HEADED STEPCHILD begun 1969. In December l998 most of the text was transferred to this website, where all persons are welcome to view and utilize the material.Most of the text is in three handwritten notebooks by Sophie Barrett, and she copied a great deal of other correspondence into a set of eight related notebooks- some stolen 1993 =as much as possible preserved with main text. A wide variety of Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard officers and relatives and friends wrote letters and contributed information. The loss of portions because of thieves is deeply regretted.Sophie considered her China and Pearl Harbor and Mount Holyoke recollections of particular historical importance. She sent the first report of the Japanese capture of Mukden.She loved her Hartford family and believed in the importance of women's education as at mount Holyoke and in her work in child guidance, statistics, and social work.Edited text with further corrections appears elsewhere on website.
Subject: China memoir excerpt
Year: 1931text