Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


#1165 p. 65 Early years HARTFORD CT and MOUNT Holyoke in Sophie Barrett memoir RED HEADED STEPCHILD
Temporary entry-This small-scale photocopy was mailed to scores of people in 1998 with text of important early portions of Sophie Meranski Barrett memoir -dealing with her immigrant family- parents married 1890 and Sophie born 1901- attended Mount Holyoke College 1919-1923 and masters degree l925 in Economics and Sociology. My intention was to have this enlarged, but text has now been pasted on website from disks and emails, so I shall consult Jim Ullyot and Creative Communications staff whether it is worthwhile to try to enlarge this photocopy.(John Barrett note Dec. 22, l998) INSERT ELSEWHERE- Jack Boston Latin story- Ancient History exam question:"Tell all you know about the Emperor Caligula" {a highly depraved character}.Student received passing grad for reply, "The less said about Caligula the better." One of Sophie's stories possibly from Morgan Street Hartford or else from social work days concerns a woman who frequently got drunk and when being escorted into the police patrol would holler loudly, "Make room, make room." Amy Hewes [1877-1970] was the chair of Mount Holyoke's large department of Economics and Sociology. She invited Sophie to be her assistant in the department and statistics lab 1923-1925, advised her on her master's thesis, and helped her find jobs 1924-5 at Children's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor; at Commonwealth Fund NewYork-Philadelphia 1926-9 and as Director of Personnel Research Macy's stores 1929-30. One of her characteristic sayings was "This well to know when 'tis done." Mount Holyoke President Mary Woolley took a great interest in individual students and remembered them all long after graduaion.Some students did not find converation easy going through reception lines at college functions.There was a story that no matter what you said, you would get a perfunctory reply, "How nice". Supposedly one girl decided to tell the hostesses "My grandmother died last night," as she went through. Sophie told this story once or twice. She liked to quote a saying "Character is resistance ro environment" and another "Reputation is what others think of you. Character is what you think of yourself." During the early years of World War 2 she wrote sayings of this sort lightly on the paint above the kitchen sink at 2415 Ala Wai Boulevard Waikiki.
Subject: photocopy Hartford years l901
Year: 1901