Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Pa & Jack Barrett victory garden l9l8 at 640 E. Seventh Street #43 p 9 {P} {J}
John Robert Barrett l854-l942 and Jack Barrett ten Naval Reserve Lieutenant in back yard victory garden l9l8 640 East Seventh St. In background is very old barn of Kinnaly neighbors at 642East Seventh Street.The Kinnaly home,was moved to Seventh St. in l9l2 when its former site on L St. at Fifth was taken for constru ction of the Emerson School Born Nov.29,l854 John Robert Barrett had less than a year offormal education.His father died Dec. l859 of lung disease and his mother Catherine Daly of tuberculosis Feb.l863.Thie landlod Michael A. Ring and a neighbor Mrs. Welch helped arranged for the children. Her brother Michael A.Thompson was a baker living at 640 East. Seventh Street, where John Robert Barrett went to live. His name appears there is the l870 u.S. census. At some point he went west with his elder brother Michael Barrett, who was a butcher somewhere in the Middle West. John robert paid Boston poll taxes in l875, l876, and l877, and appears in city directories from l883 onward.He was apprenticed to master plumber William S. Locke and had his own shop l890-l926.He once had a curious dream about visiting Yellowstone Park.He married Catherine Agnres Buckley April 29, l884 at Gate of Heaven church, and their son John Berchmans was born August 28,l888.She died June 8, l889, and he went to live with his Buckley in-laws on Park and Baxter Streets, Melrose l889-l894, commuting to his plumbing shop while Minnie and Maggie Buckley looked after Jack during the day. A stolen photo showed Jack in a fine suit outside the house with his aunts at age about three.Jack's father made a second marriage November l894 to Mary Lane of Grove Street Melrose. Their children were William Joseph born October 24, l895. Mary Frances (Mollie) February ll,l898, and Catherine born l899.From l894 to l902 the family lived at 634 East Seventh Street three doors east of L Street.A stolen tintype showed Pa Barrett in the back yard about l900, holding the two small baby girls -with Jack and Bill standing alongside.For several years Pa was trustee of the property at 640 East Seventh Street when michael Thompson was in poor health - he bought the property and lived there May l902 until his decesae August 321, l942 while Jack was on Navy duty at Pearl Harbor.
Subject: Pa and Jack Barrett
Year: 1918Pa & Jack