Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Kerr Notch Crater Lake, Mollie, John,Sophie Barrett, Phantom Ship p6-46 {S} {M} {Y}
Jack Barrett photo June 28 or June 29, l947 at Kerr Notch, southeast corner of Crater Lake (which is oval and does not have corners). Phantom Ship lava islet is visible.Barrettt arrived at Lake in heavy snowstorm June 27, l947 froj Cresecent City and Grants Passs after touring redwoods and being forced off highway by logging truck.The nothern sixty pper cent of the Crater Laek Rim Drive was closed with snow deposits, and Kerr Notch was the easternmost point open to cars. After the snowstorm there was pleasant sunny weather.Crater lake Lodge was said to have the largest firp[lace in Oregon. Another larger island in Crater Lake, cone-shaped Wizard Island is covered with whitebark pine, whose indehiscent seeds are spread by Clark's nutcracker, a bird related to the crow family and credited by some researchers with remarkable spatial-visual memory.
Subject: Mollie, Sophie John, Kerr notch, Crater Lake
Year: 1947