Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Anne Loretto Buckley and John Joseph "Jack" Sheehy 1965 on Buckley ancestral farm MOSKEIGH, TEMPLEMARTIN parish BANDON, county CORK IRELAND- both second cousins of commander Jahn Berchamans Barrett 1888-1969 p 74-1248
Born August 16, 1907 "Loretto" Buckley took care of her mother who became blind and for many years operated the sixty-acre dairy farm where seven generation of Buckleys were tenants. Her great-grandparents John Buckley and Catherine Murphy were listed in 1927 and 1852 censuses. Her grandfather Michael Buckley appears in September 1834 parish records in the merged Newcestown parish that includes medieval Templemartin. Three of Michael's brothers emigrated to Massachusetts - Daniel Buckley married a neighbor Mary Ann O Farrell of Kilbarry, and their first child John was born in boston December, 1852, and Jack Barrett's mother Catherine in October 1857 or 1858 [records vary]. Another Moskeigh Buckley brother Jeremiah had seven or eight children, most of whom went to U.S. midwest, but a daughter born 1860s became Mrs. Sheehy and had sons Maurice, Jerry, and Jack born about 1902, 1904, 1908 [and also a son and daughter that died fairly young]. For many years Jack lived and worked on Loretto Buckley's farm, driving milk to creamer, planting and saving hay, rounding up cattle, which Loretto always milked herself, planting potatoes and cabbages, and playhing an accordion and bowling oin the roads. His oldest brother Maurice married a third cousin Kate O Halloran related through Quarry Murphys - they had three sons Jerry. Paddy, and Mossy Sheehy, and three daughters - eldest Peg married John Murphy of Moskeigh and had family of nine==Christine Mrs. Clarcke of Kilbeg had family of four, as did Noreen Mrs. Manning east of Cork. Maurice and Jack also had a brother Jerry who emigrated to USA and had two sons in California and a son Jimmy in Wetherfields Connecticut, where in 1977 Sophie and John Barrett met Jerry Sheey and his son Jimmy and Jimmy's family. Loretto Buckley's brother Richard 1904-1998 married Bridget Regan of Gurranes and had daughters Kate Meldrum of Friars Walk in Cork, Mary Murphy west of Baillineen, Bridey Collins of Ballinhassig, and son Paddy Murphy, whose family lived with Richard at Coolnaught Newcestown. In 1970 Sophie and John Barrett located the Buckley cousins by sending an inquiry to Bandon town officials, who placed their letter in weekly "Southern Star" newspaper, which Templemartin creamery manager Mr. McMahon saw and showed to Loretto, who wrote the Barretts and invited John to visit the ancestral farm.Then Buckley cousins in Ilford, Essex, England also got in touch. 1971.
Subject: (I)Leoretto Buckley and Jack Sheehy, Moskeigh, Cor
Year: 1965