Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


Sphinx and Great Pyramid - Jack Barrett photo January l932 while on leave traveling Kobe Japan to Naples Italy on President PIERCE-Jack Barrett photo p 7 # 56 {7} {S}
The SPHINX was the classs symbol of Mount Holyoke l923, there were four sytmbols from ancient Babylonian mythology - an Eagle,a Gryphon, a Phoenix, and a Sphinx, which were assigned to every fourth class in sequnence. The classes of l9l9, l923, l927, l931, l935 had the color yellow and the Sprinx as their symbol for campus exercises and events, graduation and reunions. Freshman year l9l9-l920 classmate Marion Nosser, born in Turkey wrote lyrics of class song "The Sphinx with music by Ruth King Dunne: "Wind hushed, the Desert lies dreaming- Under the far eastern sky - Only the SPHINX keeps its Secret- Waiting for Daylight to die- Now ' neath the warm Blue of Heaven - Rousing itself with a sigh - Softly it speaks and its whisper -Floats to the Dome of the sky....2;3 Hark! Don't you hear the far Echo Borne on the night wind to us Now has the Sphinx told its Secret - NON SIBI SED OMNIBUS- Faithful we'll guard it forever - Marching beneath it unfurled - Until the agelong Secret - Lies in the Heart of the World." For this reason Sophie's visit to theSphinx in l932 had special meaning for her,and her father had learned tailining in Cairo in the l880's. Her mother spoke of the Danube River, which Sop[hie saw in Vienna February l932
Subject: Sphinx photo by Jack Barrett
Year: 1932