Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


P 81 #1300 tWO 1945 Postcards from landlord Walter Glockner to Sophie Barrett at 2415 Ala Wai Boulevard Waikiki from Stevens Point Wisconsin.
Walter Glockner owned the house the Barretts rented at 2415 Ala Wai Boulevard from July 28, 1941 to June 4, 1947.He was a naturalized American citizen born in Germany about 1907, who was taken into federal custody December 8, 1941, the Monday morning after the Pearl Harbor attack.As Sophie Barrett memoirs relate,he was held six months or more at Sand Island immigration station in Honolulu, and civilian courts of Territory of Hawaii fined miliary governor Richardson five thousand dollars for contempt of habeas corpus order,but he was pardoned by President Roosevelt,and the fine was never paid.Mr. Glockner was living in a small second floor apartment above the Barretts when they arrived in 1941. His large German shepherd dog was running loose when he was taken away, and Sophie had to telephone the police several times before an animal control officer finally came to take the animal away.Mr. Glockner in mid-1942 agreed to go to Stevens Point Wisconsin for the duration of the war and worked there as a brewer. These postcards pinpoint the date of his return in late 1945. Subject to wartime rent control, Sophie paid seventy-five to ninety-five dollars monthly rent to Hawaiian Trust Company as trustee. Mr. Glockner wrote four other letters that disappear in 1993 thefts and appreciated Sophie's steady regular rent payment and occasional help with mail, mothballs in his clothes, and other minor mattersrelating to the property.He was unable to return to his apartment as planned, because a Samoan tenant with two very young children successfully resisted eviction in Honolulu housing court.He offered to donate blood when Sophie had surgery in May 1947. He loved the Islands and used to swim and remained in the Islands through 1970 or later. Prange "At Dawn We Slept" tells that a German spy named Kuehn was active in the Islands. As far as we know Mr. Glcokner appeared to be a patriotic and loyal American citizen.Whether the government had any valid grounds forsuspicion we do not know. The Supreme Court in the 1946 Korematsu decision later held that military authorities had acted unconstitutionally in restricting civil liberties and disregarding habeas corpus. Intra arma leges silent.
Subject: Walter Glockner postcards
Year: 1945