Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


p 81 #1303 --1945 Walter Glockner postcards turned sideways to facilitate reading message, which establishes that his return to Waikiki from Wisconsin was in late 1945 (or later).Born in Germany,he was taken into military custody December 8, 1941 at 2415
Landlord Walter Glockner from December 1941 until the Barrett left Hawaii June 1947 consistently maintained that he was a loyal American citizen He was a friendly and responsible landlord.We were concerned and frightened by his internment.Recently in 1999 memoir editor John Barrett jr has run across information on spies in Honolulu in Gordon Prange's (posthumous 1981) text "At Dawn We Slept" pages 255-7: I would be interested if anyone can find more information as to why the FBI or other agencies might have suspected Glockner of contacts (possibly naive and accidental) with spies. Prange Goldstein & Dillon write: "The fact that the Japanese were spying on military and naval activities was no news to the Americans...It is another irony of the Pearl Harbor story that at the same time the Japanese intensified their activities on the intelligence front, Senator Guy M. Gillette of Iowa and Congressman Martin Dies of Texas planned to invesitgate Japanese subversion....Both had studied it carefully, were alarmed at what they found, and thought action should be taken without delay.By August Dies and his committee 'made arrangements for 52 witnesses to proceed to Washington for public hearings early oin September 1941.' " President Roosevelt advised the heqrings would be inadvisable, and Secretary of State Cordell Hull feared an investigation "would upset the diplomatic talks then under way between Tokyo and Washington." War and Navy Departments were trying to delay a confrontation till spring 1942, knowing the US. was "woefully unprepared" for Pacific war.Sept 20 Dies stated "the potential Japanese spy system in this country is greater than the Germans ever dreamed of having in the Low Countries." On October 2 Senator Gillette cited "the activities of Japanese consular official in Hawaii and in the Western States." Sec. Cordell Hull responded, "Please, Senator, I appeal to you - don't rock the boat!" In January 1942 Dies told Congress that is the Committee had been "permitted to reveal the facts on Japanese espionage and sabotage in September , the tragedy of Pearl Harbor might have been averted." Prange comments "The cutting off of its primary source of intelligence in Hawaii might well have stiffened backbones in the [Japanese] Naval General Staff to the point of refusing Yamamoto permission to go through with it.Indeed Yamamoto himself might have paused if he hadhad tio rely on chance and not current intelligence in order to find Kimmel's FLeet in Pearl Harbor." It is in this context that some innocent persons' rights were probably violated
Subject: Glockner postcards
Year: 1945