Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


82-1307 Edward P.Williams drawing for cover of Roxbury Latin TRIPOD magazine June 1952.
The school building was completed 1926, designed by same architects as colonial Williamsburg.The elm tree probably dated from before 1820 and lived until 1960s.Edward P. Williams grew up in Needham and graduated from Roxbury Latin 1952 and Harvard 1956, was a sailing and trips counselor at Camp Kabeyun, Alton Bay, New Hampshire, later attended Business School and served in Air Force. This was the most recent of a number of covers he drew for TRIPOD magagine during editorship of Ross Holloway and John Barrett.He also made drawings of school sports and personalities. His father Frederick B. Williams had a wholesale food business in Roslindale and was active in alumni of Boston Public Latin School. In 1969 he put the Barrett family in touch with Boston Latin alumni Secretary Thomas Craven, who furnished lists of members of classes of 1906 and 1912. Of Jack Barrett's forty-seven 1906 classmates, during 1969-1971 Sophie and John were in touch with Gardner Murphy junior in Cambridge, who identified many classmates in a group photo, Samuel Finkel and Irving W. Jacobs, who thanked Mrs. Barrett for helping them locate each other for a reunion in Southern California, George Carl Adams, who enjoyed writing Sophie many notes from Connecticut, and Emilio Goggio,who answered once from California.The Barretts also were in touch with Drs/ Dan Lyne and her son Eugene,Lucile Poland in Camden,Maine, and Mrs. Sam Krensky in Brookline. Of Bill Barrett's class 1912 there was a very enjoyable contact with Dr. Fred Gillis, of West Roxbury whose family participated in 1985 Boston Latin 350 observance, and the Barretts remained in touch with Mrs. John Vaccaro and her three daughters Rose, Mary, Claire after John Vaccaro passed away Waban (Newton) February 1969.The asistance of Mrs. Frederick B. Williams was greatly appreciated.
Subject: Williams drawing(R)
Year: 1952