Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


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News Bulletin NTS Newport Rhode Island June 19, 1933 WEEKEND CRUISES, EAGLE 19 For the past month the EAGLE 19 has been engaged in performing weekend cruise duty at ther Southern end of the District as follows: MAY 13-14 took the NINTH Division of Newport out with three oficers and twenty-eight men to Whitestone Landing, New York. MAY 27-28 took the EIGHTH Division of Providence, Rhode Island, out with two officers and twenty men to Vineyard Haven. JUNE 3-4 took the SEVENTH Division of New Bedford, Massachusetts out with one officer and twenty-one men to Vineyard Haven. During the period in which the EAGLE 19 laid in the various ports above, the respective divisions reported on board and were instructed in thwe various subjects pertinent to the Navy. i- 249 THE VIRGINIA PILOT Feb 8, 1972 Captain Mal S. RICHARDSON 81 Retired Commander Mal S. Richardson of 1130 Manchester Avenue formerly with Merchant Marine Inspection Division died Monday evening in a hospital.Captain Richardson retired in 1952 after more than four decades as a deep water chief mate and relief master. A native of Matthias county, he lived here thirty years. He was a member of ?Batelot? Masonic Lodge 7, Gloucester, Known by associates as 'Captain' Richardson, he began his sailing career with the Old Bay Line in 1909 as a Quartermaster. In 1910 he joined the Merchant and Miners Transportation Company as a second mate, later became chief mate running between Baltimore and Norfolk and betwen New York City and Jacksonville, Florida.In 1913 on trips between New York City, Boston, and South America he was chief mate and chief relief master. He entered the Navy on April 18, 1917 and was appointed a Lieutenant Commander and Commander of the troop transport WESTERNER and made trips around the world. He also was manager of the James River Reserve Fleet in 1923. He left this job to join the Bureau of Merchant Marine Inspection in Norfolk in 1936 with rank of Lieutenant Commander. He remained in Norfolk after his retirement.He is survived by nieces, nephews, cousins [+ sister-in-law Dorothy Kane]. TANGKU CHINA to KOBE JAPAN The CHOWAN MARU was a small, compact, spotlessly clean ship on which Jack and I were the only non-Oriental passengers. Even tho there were only two of us, the menu was printed every day we were aboard and was done in both English and Japanese. Everything about the ship was satisfactory even tho it was a rough trip during which I stayed on deck most of the time to keep from getting seasick.We left the ship at Kobe and registered at an American hotel. We saw much in Kobe and also in nearby commercial Osaka and spent an interesting day at Nara with its Japanese shrines and works of art. Because the Japanese soldiers frightened me so badly, I bought no curios in Japan and spent as little time and money there as possible. 46 My sharpest memory of Kobe was the unisex public toilets then generally used by men and women without privacy. At that time the Japanese had nothing that I wanted except the PRESIDENT PIERCE, which I boarded as soon as she landed at Kobe. It was winter in Japan and in North China, and all the clothes I had were winter clothes. We were seated at the doctor's table on the PIERCE, and after bring in China where we worried about cholera, I feasted happily on oranges, apples, lettuce, celery and any other fresh produce the shhip offered. We wore evening clothes at dinner and had music. I often danced with the elderly doctor, but Jack would not dance as he disapproved of dancing aboard ship, especially as it interfered with the orderly serving of dinner. He thought it uncivilized to get up to dance just as a waiter brought a plate of good hot food which deteriorated while people danced. To Jack, running a ship was erious business- too serious for dancing. Sometimes when Jack Barrett didn't want to be disturbed, he would say "Wild animals are dangerous when they are eating." One morning when we were on the PRESIDENT PIERCE, while Jack and I were sitting on deck, he jumped up saying he was going below to get his camera to take a picture of a ship passing us in the opposite direction. He hurried off and came back with his camera and carefully took pictures of the rapidly passing ship some distance away -- then he told me he had bumped his head on the steel top of the entrance to our cabin. At this point I saw blood on his head and insisted he report the incident to the ship's doctor, who was amazed he was able to walk so much after his injury, which required six stitches under the hair at the top of his head. He rested a few hours, then resumed usual activities. I am making a lot of progress getting many chapters of memoir "RED HEADED STEPCHILD" (Navy family memoir by Sophie and John Barrett) in near-final form - you caN LOOK THEM UP ON website or - I can E mail or regular-mail individual chapters. Look at this list and tell me any you don't have and want me to send:-- - John Barrett There will be a newly added DEDICATION to English master Albert Kelsey, who stressed techniques of biography, World War II Pacific Fleet Chaplain William A. Maguire, who thought "there ought to be a book" about Pearl Harbor and the Overseas Transportation Office, and to Sophie Barrett's sister and brother-in-law Rebekah and Dr. Isadore Geetter. Then there will be an INTRODUCION explaining why "RED HEADED STEPCHILD@ was written and why it is important and why many people shouod read it. Then the main text: VOLUME ONE . Chapter One Sophie and the Meranski Family - Hartford - Mount Holyoke Chapter Two Social Work,Personnel,+Statistics1923-1930 Chapter Three Greenwich Village Romance 1928-9 Ch. Four 925 THESIS THE YOUNG OFFENDER + THE CRIMINAL LAW IN MASSACHUSETTS CH. FIVE MERANSKI FAMILY LETTERS. Ch. SIX musical interests of Sophie + Jack Barrett VOLUME TWO [chapters not numbered yet] REVENUE CUTTER SCHOOL 1909-11 + ITASCA cruises --INTERVAL 1911-1921 DC, World War, Naval Reserve, Commercial ship officer -- REGULAR NAVY, DESTROYER TOUCEY 1921 -- BIG GUNS - BATTLESHIP WYOMING 1922-3 -- NAVAL WAR COLLEGE + TACTICS THESIS 1923-4 -- LIGHT CRUISER MARBLEHEAD 1924-7 Australia China Hawaii war games -- NEW YORK 1927-9 sub S-4 and Fordham Law--XANTHOS letter TRUXTUN Philippines-Yangtze 1929-30 -- "SLOW BOAT TO CHINA" -= Sophie TRAVELS TO TIENTSIN --GUNBOAT TULSA - Sophie tells Navy of Japanese attack on Mukden September 1931 -- Return via Europe Jan-March 1932 "TILL THE SANDS OF THE DESERT GROW COLD" -- COMMAND of EAGLE 19 Boston 1932-3 -- EXECUTIVE OFFICER Survey Ship HANNIBAL PANAMA-COSTA RICA 1934-5 -- Command of Destroyer CLAXTON Landing Force Puerto Rico, summer training Annapolis Midshipmen -- 1937 PHILADELPHIA -- 1938-9 Tanker TRINITY, Rickover, Dutch Indies -- COMMAND BRANCH HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE NEW YORK 1939-41 and FAMILY LIFE BROOKLYN -- "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR" WAIKIKI, PEARL HARBOR ATTACK, OVERSEAS TRANSPORTATION OFFICE PEARL HARBOR 1941-7 {to be subdivided]-- OVER THE MOUNTAIN western national parks summer 1947 -- VOLUME THREE - BARRETT family, mostly Boston (+Ireland) Now ready BOSTON LATIN SCHOOLS -- WILLIAM JOSEPH BARRETT 1895 -1967 and 1930s girl friend Anita Dourdoure - funny letters-- 1953 Master's tax thesis Northeastern Law School proposing abolition of Sixty-Five Day Rule in Federal Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates-- still in preparation chapters on Jack's father John Robert Barrett of South Boston 1854-1942, Jack's half-sister Mollie Barrett 1898-1967, early BARRETT FAMILY HISTORY,-- Jack's Childhood and Schools South Boston - Melrose -- HOME IS THE SAILOR 1947-1969 BOSTON (partly complete, much on West Roxbury) BOSTON COLLEGE LAW SCHOOL 1949-1951 - classmates have 2001 reunion -- WEST ROXBURY HISTORICAL SOCIETY -- ADDITIONAL LETTERS - - LANE, HARTIGAN, BUCKLEY cousins - SOPHIE 1970s-1980s -- RELATION in IRELAND + 1970s visits -- I can E mail or snail mail these on request. "From Fairest Creatures We Desire Increase" Biology Hidden Word Square (theme from Shakespeare's first sonnet, first line.) Shakespeare 1692 and Jonathan Swift 1729 stated the theory of evolution by natural selection long before Alfred Russell Wallace and Charles Darwin in 1859. --------------
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