Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


82-1314 Pi Eta photos autumn 1955
Edwyn Robert "Bob" Owen of Harvard class of 1958 made these two Pi Eta club member photos available for website.John Barrett visited Bob in June 1999 at his home in Topeka, Kansas, where he utilizes his Stanford Business School background as an investor in real estates and stocks.He has one son Bob in graduate study in biochemistry in Wisconsin.Bob keeps in touch with his 1960 Olympic hockey teammates Bill and Bob Cleary and Bob "Rabbit" McVey.He volunteers extensively in Topeka helping veterans and disadvantaged persons.Bob was an English major at Harvard, and John Barrett audited a course with Professor Bullitt, which Bob was taking on eighteenth century English literature, particularly Jonathan Swift.Bob was in Army Reserve in artillery and then worked for some years for Raven Industries, of South Dakota, where his father was President.The company made hot-air (and other) balloons for use in industry, logging, and military-intelligence purposes.Bob is very well informed on activities and whereabouts of Harvard alumni, particularly hockey players, Minnesotans, and members of class of 1958. Some Pi Eta graduates may be interested in obtaining copies of these two photos website ## 1314 bottom page 82 and #1315 top page 83.It may be possible to make good-quality printout from this website,but contact E. Robert Owen at 3630 SW Stratford Road, Topeka Kansas KS 66604 telephone (785)228-2061 and he can probably arrange to have copies made from his originals- ask him the cost - there is a good-quality copying center near his home.In 1956-7 Club officers were President Jim Joslin,Treasurer Sed Weske, Vice President Phil Haughey, Secretary Ed Galvin,Alumni Secretary King F. Lowe and in 1957-8 President King F. Lowe, Treasurer Dan Ullyot, Vice President Robert B. Cleary,Secretary John F. Carr Alumni Secretary William E. Collins.
Subject: Pi Eta photos {R}
Year: 1956