Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


83-1315 Pi Eta members autumn 1956
John Barrett junior joined Pi Eta Club at Harvard his senior year 1956-1957, and his father and mother got to know many of the members at Wednesday night steak suppers and weekend social events and especially during graduation week June 1957.West Roxbury neighbor Edward Galvin was John's original sponsor. These photos were put on website courtesy of E. Robert "Bob" Owen of the class of 1958, whom John visited June 1999 in Topeka, Kansas.Bob was a defenseman on the Harvard hockey teams 1954-1958 and a member of the United States 1960 Olympic hockey team along with Robert McVey and Will and Bob Cleary.Bob was exceptionally friendly when John joined the club in 1956, and John soon got to know his roommates Dan Ullyot, Lyle Guttu, and Davie Beadie - all Minnesotans and hockey players.Also in Leverett A Entry were Frank Bachinsky, Dick MacKinnon, Dave Brigham, and Bob Sophios 1958 and John Soucek, Al Velie, and Billy Collins 1959.Dan Ullyot became 1957-8 Pi Eta Treasurer and later a nationally known cardiac surgeon based in California, and his younger brother Jim was 1962 sports editor of Harvard Crimson,, worked on medical studies of health of Varsity Club alumni, and now is President of Creative Communications, Incorporated of Bloomington, Minnesota, which operates this website. MUSCLE anatomy from Gray : Psoas major, minor Iliacus tendon inserts to lesser trochanter inside of femur. ..Sartorius QUADRICEPS femoris 1. Rectus femoris 2. Vastus lateralis 3. medialis 4 intermedialis ..Medial femoral Gracilis Pectineus Adductor longus, brevis, magnus. .. Gluteus maximus, medius, minimus. Tensor fasciae l----? Piriformis OBTURATOR internus,...externus GEMELLUS superior, inferior Quadratus femoris
Subject: Pi Eta photos
Year: 1956