Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


89-1367 Jack Barrett at Chelsea Naval Hospital 1968
Jack Barrett was active 1913-1917 in Carroll Council Knights of Columbus in District of Columbia while working at united States naval Hydrographic Office in State, War, and Navy Building. The Council sent a representative to visit Jack at Chelsea Naval Hospital when he was under treatment for prostate enlargement. This was one of two photos they took - the other which was destroyed by thieves 1993 showed both Jack and the representative of the Carroll Council. {4} INTERNET TUTORING RESEARCH SCIENCE NEWS HISTORY service. John Barrett 113 West Third Street, Port Angeles WA98362-2824 I am offering Internet services, which anyone can utilize, but which I hope will attract financial contributions, especially from persons who desire research, editing, typing, or desire to make possible various public interest activities. I shall treat any payments as personal income to my self for income tax purposes. Research by my mother and myself since 1967 to produce materials on this website or has cost over a quarter of a million dollars, and I have had recent losses in biotech stocks in cancer, cystic fibrosis and similar scientific research, and I have encountered serious age and hiring discrimination after taking care of my mother who was disabled twenty-six years, though active writing history and carrying on remarkable correspondence. I have done a great deal of science and hope to send out essays on recent progress in genetics, fusion energy, nutrition, preventive medicine, heart diesease, especially prospects for using bone marrow stem cells to repair heart muscle after coronary thrombosis. I have done a great deal of reading on biolgical systematics, phylogeny, cladistics, ecology, paleobiology, earth history, mineralogy, structure of earth's interior, weather, global warming, non-fossil fuels. I majored in economics at Harvard College 1957 magna cum laude Phi Beta Kappa and was 1960 Harvard Law School graduate and admitted to Massachusetts Bar 1960 while in Air Force Reserve medics. Currently I am interested in economic studies of timber industry, fisheries, Olympic region including logging and Native Americans. I support subsitence whaling by Makah Indians and various other peoples in Siberia and elsewhere - the whale blubber is rich in Omega three oils that are very often deficient in babies and young children. There are both positive and negative aspects of genetically engineered foods and crops. I am interested whether the Omega three oils docosohexenoic acid and EPA eicosapentamoic acid can be manufactured synthetically outside plants at reasonable cost and whether they can be kept fresh in baby formulas, where they are presently lacking, so that breast-fed babies are generally healthier and less obese. I am interested in issues of psychology including mental health - my classmate Peter Nathan has had a distinguised career in clinical study and treatment of alcoholism, and I am hoping to write down apsects of his career and current thinking. Two Harvard friends have been doing well under long-term schizophrenia research, and for two years I have been reading in detail the Schizophrenia Bulletin published by the National Institute of Mental Health, an outstanding and remarkable publication. I have considerable material on Alzheiner's, mad cow and prion diseases, malaria, vaccines, health insurance, hearing, vision, amino acids, apoptosis. I have been active on human rights with especial interest in Haiti, East Timor, Burma, and many nations of Africa. In 1994-1995 I had 113 substitute teaching days at 45 different Boston Public Schools in most subjects including math, science, English, history, social studies, French, Latin, Greek, - I sometimes filled in in Spanish, in which I am not highly fluent although I am studying Cervantes and the golden age literature, Garcilaso, Lope de Vega, Gongora, Carderon de la Barca. I am available for tutoring in most of these subjects by Internet or locally in Port Angeles- Forks - Grays Harbor area. I refreshed my Latin last year while tutoring Zachary Cole, three-sport athlete at Forks High School with pre-med plans - he called my attention to excellent classic texts website - I have done a great deal of music and art history - my cousin Deborah Meranski Sonnenstrahl taught art history over thirty years and is now emeritus at Gallaudette University Washington DC and is completing book on 63 Deaf American artists - special interests of mine are Sandro Botticelli, El Greco Domenico Thetocopoulos Velazquez, Hans Holbein,Hobbema, Joshua Reynolds, Gericault, Pissarro, Manet, Henri Rousseau, Albert Bierstadt, John Enneking. I am available for piano or music history-theory-harmony lessons in local area. Over the years my interest has been mainly classical, with special focus on Franz Schubert, Joseph Haydn,Niccolo Paganini, Giacomo Rossini, Giuseppe Verdi, Otto Nicolai,Cesar Franck, Johann Strauss, Jan Sibelius, Alexander Borodin, Daris Milhaud, Jerome Kern. I have researched about four hundred songs, nearly all American that my mother and in some cases my father sang. My cousin Jason Pollack's son Jon Pollack the last ten years has had a weekly jazz radio program Thursdays 4-6 pm Eastern time on the MIT radio station WMBR-fm, and it is now on Internet - so I have learned the basics of jazz especially early figures like Bessie Smith, Coleman Hawkins, Myles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Harry James. My father was interested in astronomy, learning navigation at the Revenue Cutter School and getting actual practice as early as 1909 on cruise to the Mediterranean. We learned the stars on black-out nights in Waikiki in early days of World War 2 - the Southern Cross was visible in the summer in our latitude 21 degrees north. I follow Sky and Telescope and ASTRONOMY magazines and have a great deal of material on the structure of the Milky Way Galaxy, on cosmology theory, on the evolution and ages of individual stars - from pre-main sequence like T Tauri through the Herzsprung Russell Main Sequence where hydrogen is fused to helium in the core to the late stages approaching supernova, including Cepheid and RR Lyrae variables, and the formations of elements, neutron stars, possible 'strange matter' dark matter, black holes. The apparent acceleration of universe expansion is one of the main recent developments past three years. Age of universe is currently estimated at fourteen billion years. The dark halo may contain huge numbers of burned-out white dwarfs usually about 50% - 60% of the mass of the sun. Red dwarfs are the smallest stars that can sustain hydrogren fusion in their cores - there is a bottom limit of about eigh per cent of the mass of the sun - below that brown dwarfs shine for a time by heat of gravitational contraction and fusion of lithium and deuterium, but the red dwarfs fuse very slowly and are expected to last about five trillion years - five thousand billion years or five time ten-to-the-twelfth power in scientific notation. I am doing considerable research whether it will be possible to remove mass from the sun to keep earth habitable possibly billions of years - otherwise the sun is growing slowly warmer, causing carbon dioxide to react with silicate rocks and leave the atmosphere - there has been a drop in carbon dioxide for the last hundred million years, reducing photosynthesis - if we do nothing in around another hundred million years, this could end life on earth as temperature gets to around 120 degrees F. or 50 Celsius. Although a great deal of energy will be needed, I believe we can remove mass from sun and keep earth habitable a very long time. I am very happy here in Port Angeles with a mild climate and friendly people, and I would like to keep my home where, rent is now $445 a month and utilities about $90 a month. I hope I can find part time work, but it is not easy, as I have been out of the job market and have a strange resume - nearly blank as far as recent employment! I can travel to lecture or consult people, but hope to maintain my home. I had a very enjoyable month trip east in November 1999 visting Harvard botany and libraries, and cousins and Paul Kavanaugh in Fairfax VA and the Malesons and Burnettes in Massachusetts. I also saw Bob Owen in Topeka Kansas and Meranski cousins in Colorado in 1999. If finances permit I would enjoy attending Harvard class reunion 2002 or Camp Kabeyun in summer or Friends of Farlow Herbarium in November. "Those who pay the fiddler call the tune" - if anyone would like to sponsor research and writing on a particular subject, I shall try to carry out projects to best of my ability. To stay off charity or welfare, I need a current budget around eight thousand dollars a year, and my savings should last about a year to fifteen months, barring illness or unexpected expense. I suspect that government grants or foundation money might be available for some of the things I am doing, but I am rather ignorant what to do by way of inquiry and application and will welcome guidance. I have thought of trying to develop teaching materials of various sorts and would welcome ideas and COLLABORATORS. Some of my potential material is on website I have thought of making tapes both singing and music analysis and various teaching materials and travel-tourism-natural history materials. I have a great knowledge of western history and places including Hawaii where we lived 1941-1947. I might write down a great deal of histoy of Harvard College and University, and I have much material on many educational institutions including Mount Holyoke College, Coast Guard Academy, Naval War College, and many more.
Subject: Jack at Naval hospital{J}{R}
Year: 1968