Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


89-1369 Sophie and Jack on Bellevue Hill, West Roxbury fall 1966
Bellevue Hill is the highest point in the city of Boston. Some books give the height as 328 feet, others a little more. When the Barretts arrived in 1947, there was an excellent view of downtown Boston and surrounding neighborhoods from Bellevue hilltop, where trees had been cut or burned. At that time there was one water tower, built in imitation of one in Rome in 1915. An earlier 1892 tower had a high viewing platform, but it was replaced. In later years the need for additional water required installation of a large, rather ugly second water tower that reduced the area available for walking, recreation, fresh air, and plant study.However, in 1986 Sophie and John several times passed through the Bellevue Hill area and over across to the Saw Mill Brooking and Enneking Parkway area between West Roxbury and Hyde Park, one of the largest forested areas remaining in Boston.{J}{S}{R}
Subject: Sopihe,Jack,Bellevue Hill
Year: 1966