Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


p 92-1394 Nov. 13, 1999 at Gallaudet University Library, 800 Florida Ave NE by Gen. Paul Kavanaugh of Fairfax VA
At right in photo is Deborah Meranski Sonnenstrahl, Emeritus chair of Art Department at Gallaudet University, who taught art history 35 years and is completing book on 63 "Deaf American Artists." Next to Debbie is her brother Daniel Meranski, Baltimore Maryland psychological counsellor. Next to Daniel is his lady friend, whose name must be verified [Marsha ....?]. At left is John Barrett during productive and enjoyable trip east November 1-30, 1999 on Greyhound Ameripass. John stayed at the Fairfax, Virginia home of Paul and Marjory Kavanaugh - visited Library of Congress and Bull Run Battlefield with Paul and had enjoyable visit with William W. Paca, junior in Richmond, Virginia.Paca and his father both served as U.S. Marine officers in World War 2 and his father was an Army officer in World War I - 1914 West Point Graduate.The senior Paca served with Javk Barett on gunboat TULSA commanded by Paul Rice at Tientsin 1931.
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