Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


p 96-1430
Albert Brown photograph Lake Crescent, Pyramid Peak Glacial Cirque above Fairhold-Add to Olympic National Park Just west of Fairholm Store at the western end of Lake Cresent scenic high cliffs of geological importance to student of glaciation are immediately west and outside of the boundary of Olympic National Park. Ice was about two thousand feet thick in this area and sculpted a hollow region that is probably a cirque. The area is visible for five miles or more along Route 101 around miles 221-226. There was a manganese mine in this area, which left an artificial waterfall known locally to the miners as Lafollette Falls, after a lady who worked in Fairholm store years ago. Some neighboring land is in Olympic National Forest, but a small piece of the old mine property appears to be in private hands according to maps. In this location the park boundary runs directly noth-south. Yhe main power line to Forks from Joyce is slightly west of this area.Altitude is around seventeen hundred feet. Interior Department and Park officials might study whether a very small addition to the park would be justified by scenic, geological, and especially Glaciological values. My address is John B. Barrett 113 W. Third Street, Port Angeles WA98362-2824.
Year: 1999