Red Headed Stepchild
(The Barrett family memoir of Navy Life)
by Sophie Ruth Meranski with photos


p 97-1436 Lake Crescent September 1999
Black Notebook Two p. 162 From New Orleans, postmarked 8 February 1927 from John Thomason, junior, United States Marine Corps to Lieutenant John B. Barrett USSS MARBLEHEAD c/o Postmaster, San Francisco California Hasta lueza amigo from John Thomason c/o U.S. Naval Forces ashore Puerto Cabezas 1 February 1927 Dear Barrett I'm sorry I didn't get to see you before you left - chagrined also that your manners are so much better than mine - I failed to get off a note before you cleared- Saturday, however, was a frantic day, and Saturday night there was the dance. The week ended on what may be described as a high note, and you should have been here- you may thank God that you were not - I wish I hadn't been. = USS MILWAUKEE is now all shook down and thinking of landing an airplane. She is not as sharp a ship, I think, as yours. One notices a difference in all ranks. I understand her C.O. goes in for Pe ---ism. We have no news. C. O. Landing Force is his usual sunny self.One does what one can. = It is unfortunate you were not oftener ashore - there are numerous subjects we can go into with mutual profit. We will, as you say, look forward to the third time. Perhaps in China, where the eagles are now gathering together. Something will occur there. Surely - talk about the riddle of existence? O to start with - but I said the more you talk about it, the worse the damn thing looks. More sensible, I think, to ignore it. Women nnd liquor and the deplorable shortcomings of our senior officers are subjects so far, more satisfying and more edifying. = USS JOHN D EDWARDS looked in and out this morning. = USS MILWAUKEE today paid my marines. = Outside of that, there is no news. Did I ever thank you for the magazines? I enjoyed them. Let me hear how you get on- we'll keep touch -eventually we'll stage that party - amigo John Thomason Hasta lueza -amigo."
Subject: Thomason letter
Year: 1927