Sgt. Joseph V. Manske - 2 Mishaps On Deck.  
  In 1988 book "The Doolittle Raid" by Carroll V. Glines p. 96 is the following account: (p. 96) Sgt. Joseph V. Manske mechanic on the fifth plane [in order of takeoff from carrier HORNET] and one of the youngest men on the raid (he passed his 21st brithday on the carrier) "two pre-takeoff experiences that shook me up:" - Like other mechanics he slept on deck when it wasn't raining to escape the heat below and be near his "baby" [the B-25]. In the dark one night a
sailor came running across the deck and accidentally kicked him in the face, breaking his glasses. The world looked fuzzy to him throughout the rest of the mission. He was unable to get them replaced until he returned to the States much later. One night during a raging storm-- he went out on the slipping deck to check the tie-down ropes on his aircraft [with no glasses]. As he did so, the storm increased suddenly, and he was afraid to release his hold to go back inside the ship. "Fortunately after about twenty minutes I was able to get the attention of the Navy men on watch and they helped me back inside", he recalled, "Needless to say, I was much more careful in future trips to the deck".

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